( P D D M )

Our congregation was founded by Blessed James Alberione in

Alba, Italy on February 10, 1924, liturgical memorial of St. Scholastica.

We are the third institute of the big Pauline Family.




        Through the action of the Holy Spirit, we receive “the grace of the apostolate” in Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life.  Like Mary, Mother of God and the women of the Gospel, transformed by their meeting with the Risen Lord, the Beauty which saves the world, we are sent as apostles with the Apostles to proclaim, celebrate and serve him.

         Our apostolate, dedicated to the glory of God and the peace of humanity, springs from love of Jesus living in the Eucharist, in the Priesthood and in the Liturgy.

          In the spirit of the Apostle Paul, who made himself all things to all people, we judiciously welcome the values and traditions of different nations and we commit ourselves to ecumenical and interreligious dialogue for the proclamation of the newness of the Gospel. (RL 9)


           Taken hold off by Jesus Master, we contemplate and follow him in the Paschal Mystery. He lives and is formed in us according to the dynamics of the Liturgical year. Through the power of his Spirit, he transforms our life into worship pleasing to God.

           Mary, Queen of the Apostles, introduces us into the school of Jesus Master and teaches us how to love and proclaim him in our daily life.

           Saint Paul, Apostle and mystic, guides us in our passion for charity until “I live no longer I, but Christ lives in me.” (RL 7)


Like Mary and the women of the Gospel, transformed by their meeting with the Risen Lord, we are sent as apostles to proclaim, celebrate and serve Jesus the Divine Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life through the ministries flowing from the EUCHARIST, the PRIESTHOOD and the LITURGY.

To live evermore profoundly the Eucharist as the mystery of Christ is our way of being alive and active in the heart of the Church. We dedicate ourselves to continual praise and take on the ministry of intercession for the proclamation of the Gospel through the communications network and for the needs of all. We become the voice of humanity before the Lord present in the Eucharist: bringing life’s realities to prayer and interceding that humanity may welcome, listen to and love Jesus Master and Savior.

Our Eucharistic experience is then transformed into concrete testimony of life in an austere and dignified service responsive to the needs and exigencies of the local Churches. This impels us to help and contribute in the pastoral development of the Church: promoting priestly vocations and collaborating in their formation; assisting and accompanying the priests in the exercise of their ministry, in their difficult moments and in their old age.

Living and active members of the Church, we work to help people nourish their relationship with the Lord. We creatively place at the service of the Liturgy, the richness of various artistic expressions: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, embroidery and other handicrafts in order that prayer may be characterized by beauty and dignity. We render services in terms of liturgical catechesis and formation, biblical-liturgical animations, always in view of drawing people closer to the Lord.

In the local Church of the Philippines, our various initiatives aim to contribute to the ongoing liturgical formation and renewal of the worshipping community.

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